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Bean Curve is inspired by the outstanding reputation of Melbourne coffee. No where on Earth can anyone claim that their love affair for coffee and café culture was not driven by Melbourne’s coffee addiction and why we have become known as the coffee capital of the world.

Bean Curve was founded by coffee driven individuals that have constantly adapted to the changing trends and availability of quality coffees to embrace the essence of the coffee bean.

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Our Founder

Bill Tsiavos

Bill Tsiavos has been actively involved in the Melbourne coffee scene for almost 30 years. His love goes back to small family owned coffee companies where staff were actively involved in all aspects of the business. This is where he developed his love for better coffee blends and coffee brewing equipment. He constantly watched over the owners shoulder wanting to learn everything.

When the opportunity in 1998 became available to lead Melbourne's most desired coffee brand, Bill did not miss the opportunity. This is where he was responsible for driving the company forward to becoming one of Australia’s leading business by its sale to an international beverage brand many years later.

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Our Coffee's

Our Wide Range of Collection


Blaque is Bean Curves signature coffee blend. It is blended from 8 premium quality specialty Arabica coffee . The coffees are sourced from the regions of South and Central America, Indonesia and Ethiopia, countries which are renowned for growing the world’s finest coffees to produce balanced acidity, natural sweetness and aromatic roast profile.

The flavour characteristics of these beans produce rich caramel and chocolate notes where the Ethiopian coffees produce fruit and berry notes with intense floral aroma.

Based on an original award winning blend and expertly roasted using the highest tech roasting equipment. Blended for the coffee aficionado. Enjoy in any style.


A full bodied, medium roast profile, 100% Arabica bean blend. Sourcing quality beans from the regions of Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala this blend has distinctive chocolate , caramel and hazelnut notes with a natural sweetness that will linger on the palette long after your last sip. Truly one of Bean Curves favourite blends.

This coffee is ideally suited for all styles where a rich flavour profile is required especially for milk based coffees but equally as smooth served black.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a blend of pure Arabica coffees sourced from South America, Indonesia and Africa.A naturally sweet coffee with traits of vanilla, caramel, chocolate and berry notes.A full bodied coffee blend with a medium roast profile, suitable for all coffee styles including cold brew.

CoBra Blend

A blend of quality Columbian and Brazil beans roasted to medium profile.This blend is synonymous with the characteristics of what we enjoy in coffee....rich chocolate and caramel flavour profile with mellow acidity. Ideally suited for smooth milk based coffees and especially great with dairy alternatives.


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• Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants (HORECA)

• Franchises (Private Labelling)

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• Anyone who appreciates the value of good coffee

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