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Coffee Roasting

We Are Coffee People

Using quality specialty coffees and advanced roasting systems, Bean Curve has developed a range of exceptional coffee blends.

All of the blends offered by Bean Curve are genuine 100% Arabica. We skilfully roast to ensure the perfect roast profile for balanced acidity and body. After roasting, the coffees “de- gas” for 24 hours before being packed in quality valved bags to ensure freshness for many months.

Generally speaking our coffees are delivered within days after roasting so you always receive fresh coffee. Our bags are clearly marked with roast date so you know exactly how fresh the coffee is. We also advise of correct storage and offer bulk storage solutions such as 4 and 9 kg drums.

Bean Curve offers a range of espresso blends ranging from two to eight bean varietals. We also offer a range of single origin coffees including water method Decaffeinated coffee.

Bean Curve can also individualize your coffee requirements so if you require something unique to your business we can assist.