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Education and Training

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Bean Curve believes in the highest standards of coffee making. Our association with endorsed training facilities can only mean that our customers will always be at the forefront of the latest techniques and standards available. We constantly engage with our overseas partners to keep at the forefront of changing trends and developments within the industry.

Bean Curve offers training through its affiliated training centres but also specializes with on site training. All areas of coffee making are covered including calibration, fault finding, daily cleaning and advanced latte art procedures.

Bean Curve also offers unique training modules at its roasting plant where course involves:

• Origins of green coffee beans: Arabica vs Robusta

• Small batch roasting for grading of beans

• Large batch roasting for blend development

• Cupping and tasting sessions including scoring

• Multi brew methods including espresso, pour over style, cold brew and filter coffee

• Advanced latte art and the science of milk including dairy alternatives

• Advanced espresso methods including the mechanics of the espresso machine

• Advanced coffee bean grinder mechanics

• Handling and storage of coffee

• Customer interaction

• Profitability of coffee in your business

• Open discussion including Melbourne’s historical journey with coffee.

• To end the session refreshments and snacks will be provided

• Life membership of our on- line support network.

The advanced training sessions are specifically designed for the barista with skills above beginner’s level. All training is covered by industry specialists with many years of training and practical experience.

Our philosophy is simple and guaranteed

“Great coffees to make great coffee. From espresso to caffe latte your coffee will always be the finest - Bill Tsiavos