Our Coffee's

Our Wide Range of Collection

Amadeus Blend

Blended from the world’s finest regions of coffee excellence...Brazil and Guatemala.

This blend will be music to your taste buds..the perfect combination of low acidity with chocolate and nutty taste profile finished with the sweetness of toffee.

Nirvana Blend

The Nirvana blend is a special order limited supply blend. Roasted a little lighter so you can enjoy the fruitiness of the specialty coffees. Blended from exceptional coffees from South and Central America followed by a touch of Ethiopian coffee.

This is a coffee you will enjoy as an espresso, long black or pour over style. A dash of milk can be added.

Bless the herder and his goats for allowing us to enjoy such fine coffee.

Single Origins

A range of seasonal and standard single origins is offered. Please discuss availability or special requirements.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Using only water method decaffeinated Arabica coffee. Absolutely no chemicals are used in this process.