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Bean Curve is inspired by the outstanding reputation of Melbourne coffee. No where on Earth can anyone claim that their love affair for coffee and café culture was not driven by Melbourne’s coffee addiction and why we have become known as the coffee capital of the world.

Bean Curve was founded by coffee driven individuals that have constantly adapted to the changing trends and availability of quality coffees to embrace the essence of the coffee bean. Not only do we encapsulate history but we have also evolved with today’s modern movement in the enjoyment of the world’s most sociable beverage.

Bean Curve has evolved to the forefront of Melbourne’s unique coffee experience headed by individuals with over 100 years of combined experience in roasting, blending and coffee brewing equipment.... More importantly they have a story to tell, As they have worked and associated with the pioneers of Melbourne coffee.

Bean Curve has understood that Melbourne’s coffee culture is more than just a shot of espresso coffee. We offer total solutions to all aspects of coffee from the finest single origin and blended coffee varieties to state of the art barista equipment. Our years of background experience will ensure that whatever your needs for home, office or café, are you will be given the best solution to ensure your coffee journey will be as smooth as our coffee.

Bean Curves quality is enjoyed throughout Australia and enjoyed in Malaysia , Singapore and Middle Ease (UAE). We constantly visit and participate at various trade shows in Australia and overseas to further enhance our quest for superior coffee.


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